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This Gardener Is

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YOUR family can eat the most flavorful home-grown tomatoes possible from the garden.

Yes, The Excitement Begins…

…When you see the size of these beauties and wonder:

“how can a tomato so big, be possible?”

Then you eat that salad, burger, or slice of tomato, and know you’ve got a winner because your mouth begins to drool …and salivate while you enjoy eating slower deliberately …so that the juice lingers longer …and is so dang …delicious. And, drives your taste buds insane.

As Happened With Julia

“My Son Starts Drooling…”

“Wow! I started tomato growing about two years ago. I went to a seminar about tomatoes and went from there.

I bought books, searched the internet, stalked a self-proclaimed ‘Master Gardner,’ but still couldn’t make heads or tails about growing really great tomatoes like I wanted to grow.

Then… Boom! I came across your ways, and it’s a whole lot clearer.

Best of all, my family loves me more and we are happier to eat slower and enjoy the juice. We don’t ‘wash-it-down’ (eating them) like we use to with store bought.

And, my son starts drooling when I come in from the garden with tomatoes I just picked. Thank you!”

Julia V. – Or

So, prepare to have your life changed. As the tomatoes you soon will grow become the center piece of many of your favorite dishes that your family and guests will love.

But wait, let’s start at the beginning:

How Are These Great Tasting Tomatoes Grown So Successfully?

Answer, it’s all in the secrets this gardener acquired through thirty-two years of searching the world for what works better in the garden each new year. And now, she concentrates not on looking further …or more hard work, but on applying the simple techniques that produce bountiful results in just one season.

Let me show you what I mean:

Watch This Video

Yes, you can grow tomatoes like this too.

The secrets to growing outstanding tomatoes were put into a wonderful and simple to understand e-Book called Breakthrough Growing Tomatoes that makes it possible for you to apply your self a little each week and have great success. Because…

…The Way Most Home Gardeners Think About Raising Tomatoes …Ruins Their Chances At Ever Growing Great Ones. Here’s How A Simple Bit of Knowledge Can Change Years of Bad Growing Habits And Set You On The Path To Better Success.

I’d like to remind you of a fact that you can not escape from: YOUR health, to a great part, is determined by what you eat – not so much by the food you buy, but by your own hand as to how it is grown. Therefore,

Your Own Hand Is the Most Powerful Tool In The Universe That Feeds You – If You Know How To Use It

Yes, it all begins here. The way you learned to grow your tomatoes limits the taste and nutrition you get until you learn how to apply more accurate information.

And, the very first thing Breakthrough Growing Tomatoes gives you is this: It teaches you an easy way to transform your tomato garden from just so-so to one for abundantly plump, more nutritious and tasteful tomatoes than you previously knew – no matter what stage of the growing process you are in.

This change is composed of two steps. The first shows you how to choose the best seeds …and the best plants …so you know exactly what you want in your tomato garden.

The second step teaches you how to nourish those seeds and plants into solid growing stock from planting to harvesting.

Here are some of the many things you will learn:

Discover a new way you can pollinate your plants if mother nature fails to do it for you.

Learn how to use a natural fertilizer that will get quicker, stronger, and healthier growth than anything else that’s out there.

How to use special pruning techniques to produce bigger, better and more blossoms.

You will learn how to unlock your plants natural energy so they get stronger and help fight diseases.

You will learn how to raise the temperature for your plants 5-17 degrees when it is too cold.

You will discover the correct temperatures for maximum growth (when it is too hot and when it is too cold).

You will find out about ten common diseases and how to avoid them.

You will discover the worst flower to have in any garden. And, this is the same flower that grandma thought was one of the best.

You will learn how to increase your harvest three to five fold depending upon which of three flowers you place nearby.

You will learn when to water and when not to water. Yes, too much water or not enough can cause the tomato to grow with deformity.

And Linda Says:

“You Need To Be On Oprah…”

“That e-Book is downright amazing!!! But you need to be on Oprah, or something, to get people to find out how informative the secrets are.

People just don’t realize what an art there is to growing a tomato. I didn’t.

When are you coming to visit us? I’ll make one of my famous fresh tomato and basil salads!”

Linda T. – NY

Find Answers To A Few Of The Most Common Questions People Have

Can I grow these in a big city – like NY?

Sure you can. You can grow them anywhere. It’s all explained.

Is it too late this year?

There’s still time to use some of these secrets. And, what you don’t use this year, you will be more ready for next year …by knowing about them now. And, you need to know what to do to prepare better. In gardening, you always think about next year.

So let’s get cracking and get it now.

Do home-grown tomatoes taste better than store bought?

Answer: Some do, some don’t. Growing them correctly so that they taste superior is what Breakthrough Growing Tomatoes is about!

What if I have a question about growing tomatoes your system does not answer?

You forget, these secrets were gathered world-wide for thirty two years to find what works best.

I’ve never grown good tomatoes before. I don’t know if I can.

Then, it’s about time you did. Yes, you can start today. Just read the secrets and you will know exactly what to do. It’s that simple.

I just want to go to the store and buy a few and stick them in the ground. Will your process help me?

Sure it will! It will teach you how to choose the best ones.

Hint: bigger is not necessarily better. And, it will tell you where the best place is to stick them in the ground. And, tell you what to do for the best growth.

Best tasting is what you really want, isn’t it?

I want to grow them like I always have.

Does your family begin to get excited when you bring your tomatoes in from the garden?

And, when they bite into them, do they eat slower so they savor the taste longer – maybe roll the juice around on their taste buds?

Can I save money growing my own tomatoes?

You bet! With the cost of good tomatoes, it won’t take long.

But, it all depends upon how you apply these wonderful secrets.

And, Tatiana Says…

“I Love Your Secrets…”

“I love your secrets and they give me all the information I need . It’s easy to read and you have nice pictures to help explain things.

My family loves my tomatoes that I grow from using your secrets. Thank you.”

Tatiana V. – Renton, Wa

To repeat again, in one growing season, this woman will have given herself the knowledge to grow bigger, juicier, and more abundant tomatoes than any other “so called gardener” out there. And it will have cost her next to nothing compared to the way others do it.

And, no e-Book ever written before could give her the complete feeling of knowing what’s the right thing to give her tomatoes that she now feels when she applies her secrets to the garden.

Take a look at the results this gardener is getting this season:

Watch This Video

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For now, the price of this wonderful e-Book is $19.95.

Polly wants to give you a 90 day money-back, no questions asked, guarantee so you can try it out now and judge for your self this season.

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