Indoor Grower, Self Contained, All Year Round

Aero Grower (Indoor)

Aero Grower (Indoor)

Here’s every thing YOU need to grow a herb, veggie and flower garden…INDOORS

Heck, this indoor grower works great!  Yes, you can grow your vegges or small flowers all year round.  And, in the WINTER TOO!!!

It’s foolproof: easy and sets up in a quick-minute.  Shhh, it’s quiet also.

And, in a “quicke,” things are sprouting and growing fresh-organic plants.

And, the kids are the best part of this deal.   “Mom, I saw a new tomato today.” Yes, they enjoy learning and asking all kinds of questions that keep me on my toes …like kids do.

A great gift for loved ones and family – Year Round – Indoor Growing

And, best of all …everyone is eating good and fresh-from-the-garden-food ALL year round.