Rock Dust For Bigger, Better-Tasting Veggies & Showier Flowers

by Polly Composting

Rock Dust 
provides slow release of trace minerals, 
Increases microorganism growth,builds more soil & 
Increases nutrition in plants and crops

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Nothing Tastes Better Than Fresh Lemons Picked From Your Own Lemon Tree!

by Polly Garden Recipes

Lemon tree has been grown around the world for hundreds of years. Not only is it pretty to look at, its flowers are also deliciously fragrant and the lemons it produces are great for culinary use. The Meyer lemon tree originated in China and made its way to the United States around the turn of […]

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Green Manure, It’s Time To Till The Soil

by Polly Creating Healthy And Balanced Soil

Digging in the dirt can be one of the greatest pleasures of organic gardening. And, to change garden soil from tight clay to soil that sifts through your fingers …add green manure. Gorgeous soil in your garden makes all the difference for superb growth. It replenishes nitrogen in the soil that was used by previous […]

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Fertilize Your Garden. Yes,You Can Do It. What Fertilizer To Choose,That Is The Question?

by Polly Organic Plant Nutrients

Fertilizers, whether organic or inorganic, are plant food. They are nutrients that plants must have to grow. As plants grow, they absorb and deplete nutrients from the soil. You harvest those same nutrients when you harvest crops from your garden. Natural fertilizers such as bonemeal, blood meal, seaweed extracts, alfalfa meal, fish emulsions, and composted […]

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