Deadly Genetically Modified Food: Corn (Potential Toxins, New Diseases, Carcinogens & More)

by Polly Green Living

You may have heard from FDA that genetically modified (GM) food, such as corn, is safe, properly tested, and necessary to feed a hungry world. UNTRUE! According to Jeffrey Smith,author of Seeds of Deception, the best-selling book on genetic engineering,  the most common result of GM is surprise side effects. These side effects come in […]

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Organic Roses Makes Valentine Day Healthier and More Romantic!

by Polly Organic flowers

You want to buy your loved one a bouquet of roses for this Valentine’s Day to express your love. Roses look beautiful, they smell beautiful. But for all their beauty, the truth is that some roses – actually, most roses – have dangers that extend far beyond their thorns. Have you ever wondered how roses […]

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Organic Gardening In Tough Times

by Polly Need To Garden & Eat Organically

The economic bad news continues to mount. Food prices are up, companies are laying off employees, housing prices are slumping. During hard times people tend to take care of the home front. One of the ways to help make ends meet is to start growing some of your own organic food-organic gardening. Growing a simple […]

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