Garden Pest Control: Fight Slugs With Ground Beetles!

by Polly Garden Recipes

Speaking about garden pest control, ground beetles are one of the most beneficial insects there, although it must be admitted, they probably have bad breath. That’s because these beetles eat slugs! Most ground beetles only eat slug eggs and baby slugs, but one particularly voracious variety is called the “slug-snail destroyer,” and it takes on […]

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Seashells in My Organic Garden

by Polly Organic Plant Nutrients

Among the most beneficial additives to an organic garden are items from the ocean. These include leftover portions of crabs, fish, lobsters, shrimp, and seaweed. Even sea shells can find uses in an organic garden. They also release trace amounts of limestone and other mineral, and they don’t leach too much calcium into the soil. […]

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How To Get Rid Of Slugs

by Polly Need To Garden & Eat Organically

Slugs eat your garden clean if you let them. And, on hot days, they crawl under rocks and boards to protect their skin from cooking by the warm rays of the sun. At nite, they come out to eat. What’s to do? Read on and find out. Slugs and garden snails know that their chances […]

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