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These are not my favorite toys because I am not a fan of the brands or products. I am trying to offer you a recommendation, which is different from an endorsement. If I have the pleasure of knowing something is the best, and it costs less than the other, then I would definitely be willing to buy it! I hope this helps to make the buying process easier for you. I hope you enjoy!


These sizes are based on my personal preferences, and may not necessarily be suitable for your needs. You may wish to check out our Sex Toys & Accessories section, which contains a large collection of toys for women, men and couples alike!

Please note that the size chart has been converted to metric units! Please don't send us feedback to say that you are unhappy with the size you received because the unit conversion did not work properly. Please write back and tell us exactly which size you received!

Please note that these are not the same as the standard Tantus toys that you can find on the web. Please see our detailed reviews on each toy for more information!

If you prefer a different type of toy, let us know and we will happily accommodate.

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Alexander Bullock

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