Pheromones totally useless? Or an insider tip?

What is Sex Hormones?

A person's sex hormones are a part of the body that help regulate the sexual behavior of a person. When a person has a sex hormone deficiency, his or her sexual behavior can become more erratic. Many sex hormones have different effects depending on the sex hormone.

Most women have female sex hormones, which are female sexual characteristics such as breasts, or clitoral growth, as well as the increase of vaginal lubrication, and increased sensitivity. These women have a high sexual satisfaction. However, there are women who have male sex hormones, such as testosterone, which are also female sexual characteristics. They have a more feminine and sexually satisfied sexual behavior. A few other sex hormones are called androgenic steroids. A high amount of these steroids can cause masculinization of the body. This is a process in which an individual changes from male to female. The effects of androgens are not limited to sexual function, but can also affect a person's immune system. It can also cause hair loss. These hormones are mostly used to produce male characteristics in a person. There are various forms of androgenic steroids. They are injected into the body, used for cosmetic purposes, and also used to treat various ailments such as prostate problems, acne, and hormone-related diseases such as adrenal fatigue.

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