Remove warts totally useless? Or an insider tip?

I can recommend the products for which I have been personally involved, but I have never evaluated them personally.

Most of the products against warts on this page were found on Amazon. Some of the products have no indication of the kind of wart being treated, or the name of the person who is doing the work. For these products, I have tried to provide a description of the treatment. If the product is available from Amazon, and if I think it's a good product, I will provide a link on this page to that product. For products that don't appear on Amazon, I found other websites that carry the product and will provide an assessment. I have also found these products on Amazon, but I have not reviewed them. I have listed some items with pictures to assist you in choosing which products to try. The product may have a number of different ingredients that may or may not work, and it is possible that some of the products may have more than one active ingredient. Also, if you choose to try a product, you should not attempt to cure a wart by removing the existing wart with a topical product. It may not work at all.

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Whenever  a conversation revolves around wart removal, you usually hear from Papillux- why is that?...